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Not got a Bookkeeper? Thinking of employing one? Below is a realistic example of how much employing a Bookkeeper could cost your business.

    Salary: R8,000 / month

    Recruitment costs
    Commission: 15% of annual salary = R14,400

    Sick Leave costs
    10 days during the course of a year =  R3,630

    ‘Dead time’: Annual Leave & Public Holidays
    Annual leave = R5,450, Public Holidays = R4,360

    UIF and SDL costs:
    UIF (1%) and SDL (1%) = R1,920

    Computer and software, including accounting software
    PC & software, including the purchase of bookkeeping & payroll software, is likely to cost upwards of R15,000.

This is a total of over R44,750 of costs for year one (the equivalent of an extra 5.5 months of salary) that can be avoided by outsourcing.
Then add on:

        the costs of training and the daily management of the Bookkeeper;

        money spent on office space and a desk;

        contributions to Workmen’s Compensation Fund; and

        other associated overheads, including electricity and water.

All of these costs will impact your cash flow and they are all avoidable. Please talk to us about outsourcing your bookkeeping and payroll.

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