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BE HONEST - do any of the following statements apply to you?

  Iím good at running my business, but keeping its financial records in order is not one of my strengths

  I am not sure if I am complying correctly with my obligations to SARS

  I need to spend more time developing my business and less time balancing my books

  Iím more than 12 months behind with my financial records

  Iím working at night and at weekends to keep my books up-to-date

 The thought of managing my companyís finances is intimidating

  I am embarrassed to let a Bookkeeper see how bad my financial records are

  I spend far too much time going through financial paperwork & would rather spend that time with my family

 My bookkeeping data comprises boxes and boxes of receipts and paperwork ...... somewhere in my garage

 I am able to do my books - I just do not have the time

If so, donít worry because they applied to many of our clients, prior to them coming to see us.

We will get YOUR financial records back on track, just like we have done for them.

No matter how bad a state you think that your financial records are in, we can almost guarantee that we will have seen worse! And, importantly, we know that most people do not understand ďfinancial jargonĒ so we will explain things in terms that you will understand. 

So, why donít you call us now on 033 345 7077 now?

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