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OUR VALUES                  

Everything that we do is geared around our values of Quality, Integrity and Reliability. Are Quality, Integrity and Reliability important to you when it comes to choosing people to work with your company’s finances?

 QUALITY. The on-going process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating and fulfilling client needs.

    “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” - Aristotle (Philosopher)

    • Internal checks are in place to ensure that we will process your work accurately and hit your deadlines.
    • Due to the quality of work that we provide, our clients are referring us to their associates. Indeed, the majority of our customers have approached us as a result of referrals, rather than as a result of our marketing!
    • We know that delivering quality is an ongoing process and we do not rest on our laurels.

 INTEGRITY. Our adherence to moral and ethical principles and  it is maintained by consistently applying our actions and values in order to meet client expectations

    “Set your expectations high; find men and women whose integrity and values you respect ..... and give them your ultimate trust” - John Akers (ex-President of IBM)

    • Each member of our team plays a huge role in upholding our business’s integrity, as do the processes that they follow.
    • All client information is treated confidentially and is securely locked away when it is not in use. 
    • We shred all commercial documentation that is to be disposed of.
    • All electronic data is backed-up daily, with back-up copies held offsite. This means that in case of system problems or a fire in our offices, your computerised books will be safe.

 RELIABILITY. Being dependable in the things that we achieve

    “The reliability of the people giving you the facts is as important as the facts themselves” - Harold S. Geneen (ex-President of  ITT Corporation)

    • Our achievements come through accuracy and meeting deadlines, both of which we use to measure our success as a business.
    • We believe that our other two values, quality and integrity, are important factors in achieving reliability.
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