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Can your business afford to function without all of its financial information being up-to-date and accurate every month? Below are some of the benefits to your business from our monthly bookkeeping services. Click here to learn more about our payroll services.

Management Accounts (generated after Capturing & Reconciling - see below):

Bookkeeperís Report

    - Helps take the jargon away from bookkeeping. Details the key points from your Management Accounts in terms that you will understand, so that you can use up-to-date financial information to manage your business.

Income Statement & Balance Sheet

    - Profitability of the business by month and year-to-date
    - A snapshot of your business' financial condition
    - How much the business is worth?
    - Understand your businessí assets and liabilities

Debtors (Clients) Age Analysis & Creditors (Suppliers) Age Analysis

- Know which clients owe you money, how much they owe and how overdue their payments are
- Know which suppliers you owe money to, how much you owe them and how overdue your payments are

Financial Ratios

- A monthly scorecard of 5 easy-to-understand indicators that will measure your businessís financial position and financial performance over a period of time.


Capturing (recording financial transactions) & Reconciling (ensuring that everything Ďchecks outí):

    - Ensure that all  sales & outstanding debt are accounted for
    - Claim back all of the VAT that you are entitled to
    - Accurate Cost of Sales: Are you purchasing too much? Are your margins high enough? Are staff stealing?
    - Ensure that all transactions that took place are accounted for and were legitimate
    - Better cash flow planning and credit control
    - Ensure that your businessís books are correct & carry through to your Management Accounts correctly

VAT Calculations & Submissions:

    - Only pay SARS what you need to
    - Peace of mind if your business is randomly chosen for a SARS audit

Cash Flow Forecasting:

    - Do you really have the money to make that large purchase? 
    - Will you have enough cash to see you through the month?

Management of Creditors (Suppliers) & Debtors (Clients):

    - Do you want to give us the authority to raise payments for your suppliers, so that you only need authorise them?
    - Do you want us to collect money owed to you by your clients?

Isnít it good to know that there is a local company that can do all of this for you? Call Assured Bookkeeping  on 033 345 7077 and give your business the peace of mind that you deserve!

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