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Assured Bookkeeping  looks for long-term relationships when inviting people to join its team. Why? Because we know that our people are our main assets.

Do you have the skills, personality and approach to doing business that will convince us that our valued clients will be safe in your hands? If so, you will need to be thorough, have good time management and have our clients welfare at heart – as well as being an excellent Bookkeeper!

We take recruitment seriously and have a tough recruitment process. We want YOU to be sure that you want to work with US and WE need to be certain that YOU are the right person for our team and for our clients.

Before we advertise a position, we look through the CVs that we have on file, to see if there are bookkeepers that may be a strong fit to our requirements. If there are, we will contact them. So, what’s stopping you from your CV? We guarantee that we’ll treat it in the strictest confidence & you may miss out on a great opportunity if you don’t!

Willem Steenkamp
Director of Assured Bookkeeping

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