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Below are some of the bookkeeping activities that Assured Bookkeeping  can take off your hands, freeing your time to grow and manage your business.

     Bank & Petty Cash Reconciliations

      Every month we will go through all of the deposits and withdrawals that went through your business’s bank account and your petty cash. We will reconcile them to ensure that everything balances. This is one of the most important jobs that we undertake because if there is any fraud happening, the bank account or petty cash will usually be the first place that it appears.

     Accounts Payable (suppliers)

      Although keeping track of supplier invoices that come in and are paid during the course of the month will be handled by either you or your staff, we will need to record them at month-end as part of the bank reconciliation that we will perform for you.

     Accounts Receivable (clients)

      Some businesses invoice clients and others receive cash payments that must be tracked and deposited. Either way, we will record the money coming into your business.


      Businesses with an income of over a million Rands within a 12 months period must be registered for VAT. If your business needs to be registered, we can help to register it. If you are a VAT vendor, we will accurately calculate your VAT and help to ensure that it is submitted to SARS on time, every time.

     Monthly Reporting

      Each month we will produce your “management accounts”. We appreciate that not all business owners will understand these financial documents so, if you want, we will analyse them and sit down with you, face-to-face, each month to explain them to you in terms that you will understand. This ensures that you will have up-to-date financial information that you understand and that you can then use to manage your business. 


      We can help you to create a budget, so that you can manage your business’s income and expenditure daily, and we can also produce reports to track how the business is performing against that budget.


      We are familiar with laws surrounding payroll and will use our knowledge to help you to avoid potential legal issues. Also, once you have advised us of your business’s wages & salaries, we will produce payslips for you and submit your EMP201s to SARS.

There are many ways in which you would benefit by choosing to outsource your bookkeeping to Assured Bookkeeping . Click here to find out more.

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